Every First Person Shooter like Call of Duty, adventure game, and just about every arcade game has respawning in it. Respawning is an essential part of playing because if you die in a videogame it wouldn’t be fun at all to start all over and have to play through everything again, but what even is respawning. The dictionary says that it is “to reenter an existing game environment at a fixed point after having been defeated or otherwise removed from play.” Respawning is when something or someone comes back into the game after a point in time, whether that be your character or items around the game. Now this may be going a little too deep but what happens to the character in the game when it respawns? Are they the same person, or different?  Continue reading


Could the the Novakid Really be Considered Living Things?

The Novakid from Starbound are easily the most EPIC Creatures in Sci-Fi anywhere. But are they alive? Before jumping into this we need to know what living things are. The 8 properties of life are they have to have a universal genetic code, grow and develop, respond the environment, reproduce, maintain homeostasis, obtain and use materials as energy, be made up of cells and evolve. A great video on this can be found on youtube. Just click this link. The video basicly says life is made up of dead things.

According to the Starbound wiki “The Novakid are a civilization of, as one human astronomer inelegantly put it, ‘interstellar gas-bag people.” So when people look at them and say the are fire people, they’re wrong. They are not made of fire but instead made of gas. Although they are made of gas, “They have symbols on their faces which are called brands. These symbols can vary in shape for each Novakid. They are charged with energy, also keeping the Novakid’s vital gases from leaking out” (Starbound Wiki). Could they be warm blooded but their body temperature is above boiling point which make their blood and organs have different densities? They also have a sort of ‘skin’ to keep everything from floating everywhere. So homeostasis is maintained and they can also have DNA as long as it is still a gas. In the game of Starbound it is obvious that they eat food, but how do they change that food into energy? They would require to have acids that break apart the foods in the form of a gas. They also have to respond to their environment which just means they have have a brain that responds to a stimulus. For example; if your body might need energy, you respond by eating, it is really just the fact of having a brain or a control center. And of course… yep you guessed it the brain would have to be in the form of a gas. I am guessing you are starting to see the pattern here. If they are gas people, then it is required of them to be made of gas.

But what about the parts of the Novakid that don’t have to do with being made of gas like reproduction, growing, and evolving? Well reproduction for one part doesn’t show itself in the game judging by the target audience being kids and teens, but the creator of the concept of the Novakid says, “A new Novakid is born when its parents mix their plasma together in a high temperature, high pressure condition and enough elements fuse into denser materials that form a new brand. The new brand then claims the plasma mixture as its own and a protokid.” This is really just saying they mix their DNA and make another brand. The new brand then wraps around the mixed gas or plasma as it says in the quote. All living things have microevolution no matter what view you have on evolution. Micro evolution is just adapting to what is around you, for example an immunity to a disease. This would play into heredity also. If one Novakid lives in rough terrain then its ‘skin’ would become thicker, do to this change it would be passed down through its children. This can be seen in humanity with races, for example people who live in places where the sun beats down become darker and makes harder for them to get a sunburn. This is then passed down through heredity. In order to be alive things have to grow and develop. Growing is just the creation of new cells from other cells. So this really just works in the same way as as normal cells. The cells create more cells and grow as a organism.

So the only real problem with the Novakid is the fact that they are gas. However if the cells can be gas, then there is no real problem. The Novakid pass all the requirements of being a living thing, therefore they can be considered living things.


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